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İ is a social platform that connects shoppers who want to buy products from abroad and travelers who will bring them while traveling. For many people, many products such as clothing, computers, toys, and home goods aren't available locally or too expensive to ship. With, shoppers are able to purchase the orders from travelers who buy and deliver the items to shoppers around the world. All you need to sign up to For Travelers You can subsidize your trip every time when you travel with Travelers usually deliver a handful of item and earn money. Not only will you make money traveling, but you’ll also meet amazing locals along the way. Shoppers order can be a wide range of shapes and weight. So, when making delivery offers, make sure that the item will easily fit inside your suitcase.

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İ is the social way of shopping for products that aren’t available in your country or are too expensive to buy locally. To shop with, you only need to know exactly what you want. You can create an order and enter the product detail, such as web page link, product name, image, number and etc. You can order a wide range of items including cosmetics, baby clothes, toys for kids, clothing, books, mobile phones.